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Masking Tape 2


We are the best friend dream team!

Harper ( She/Her) & D'Anna (She/Her).

We Have been working in the beauty industry 

for about 10 years, and have worked together

for most most of that. We have always had a 

Masking Tape 2


dream of creating an open and inclusive space


(targeted toward LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, Fat Positive



communities) We specialize is keeping and restoring


the integrity of your natural nails. 

we want to help you feel  comfortable in your 

own skin, while we work our magic to create

art you love, with you! We describe our Environment as


 a place where you can have fun, feel nostalgic and listen


to your favorite 80's, 90's & y2k hits full of vibrant


conversation the whole salon can join in! Think of us like


gayer Steel Magnolias.

We strongly believe authenticity and self love is the key to

creating an expressive environment to help you achieve your

beauty and confidence goals, let us celebrate you and who you



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