D’Anna / Nail Technician /

Co-Owner of Rouge Nail Studio


D’Anna's passions include nail art, her pets, glitter, and being a ball-buster.  When D'Anna started working at Rouge she told Cheryl and Jeny her dream was to own her own salon one day; she had no idea that dream would come true so soon. Officially taking over the Rouge Nail Studio with her business partner (and best friend Harper) in August of 2020, she has created truly unique services blending the safe care you've come to know and love with her unique style of artistry. She specializes in natural nail gel enhancements and intricate line work.

A quote from D’Anna:

“Glitter makes everything better!”

Cheryl Salinas-Tucker / OWNER


Cheryl is the co-founder and co-owner of ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio.  A veteran of the professional beauty industry, Cheryl brings her experience as a professional makeup artist and brand manager to ROUGE and to (sister brand) Eve Organics Beauty. Cheryl along with her sister Jeny, built ROUGE as a safe place for healthy beauty beginning in 2010. Over the last decade, they have built ROUGE into the beloved beauty studio that it is today. With a passion for makeup, design, and a heavy dash of good old fashioned customer service, Cheryl pours her talents into managing, branding and the marketing of both companies. She still loves to work with clients to help them find just the right products whenever she can. 

Cheryl's motto is:

"make it pretty!


Meet Our Team 

Jeny Bulatovic / OWNER


Jeny is the co-founder and co-owner of ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio.  Since 2010 Jeny's role was that of Lead Nail Technician. She built every service within the nail studio to treat clients to the utmost in personal care. Over the years, she built her team and lovingly trained each of them to perform the signature ROUGE nail services. In 2019, Jeny & Cheryl purchased Eve Organics Beauty. In 2020, due to the pandemic, Jeny made the jump from working every day in the nail studio to working with Eve Organics Beauty.  Today, Jeny is the Head of Product Development & Production at Eve Organics Beauty.  She has officially retired from nails and has handed the keys to the nail studio and all operations over to her two favorite nail technicians, Harper & D'Anna. 

A note from Jeny:

"I have shifted the love that I put into every service at ROUGE into the love and care that I put into crafting products for you at Eve Organics Beauty." 

Myranda Jennings / Brow Specialist / Makeup Artist


Myranda has been with ROUGE since 2012. In her role at ROUGE, she has cultivated a very loyal following as our resident BROW Expert.  Thanks to Myranda, ROUGE is a fully licensed Body Art facility. This means that not only can Myranda shape & tint your brows and lashes, she can also expertly Microblade your brows. She offers full body-hair removal as well. Myranda is an accomplished Makeup Artist and a veteran of the Detroit Opera House.  She specializes in costume and special effects makeup, especially for Theater Bizzare and Halloween, but she’s equally great at helping you find the perfect shade of brow powder or foundation.



FRONT DESK Extraordinaire

Rachel joined our team in 2021 after spending years in customer service.  
She'll help you put together your appointments over the phone, and help you find just what you need when you come in to shop. 

Fun Rachel Fact:
She's the Director of Outreach of the Slipstream Theatre Initiative of Ferndale, MI!

Rachel Quote:
"Be the person who makes things happen."


Lindsay Waters / Logistics & Customer Relations


Lindsay is an integral part of the ROUGE team and Eve Organics Beauty.  She mostly works behind the scenes making sure that your Eve Organics Beauty products and orders get to you intact and on time. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch her at the Front Desk where she can offer advice and recommendations on all things ROUGE & Eve Organics.

Lindsay's Favorite Quote: 

"Self Love isn't vanity, it's sanity."

IMG_0855 copy.jpg
IMG_7895 copy.jpg

Harper Needham / Nail Technician / Co-Owner ROUGE Nail Studio

They/Them, She Her

Harper’s super power is hearing you and your needs when it comes to your nail care or your life.

A Rouge veteran of over 3 years, Harper loves to create an inclusive experience. Though they specialize in Pedicures and gel enhancements, Harper also loves the creativity that comes with nail art. 


Harper is obsessed with pop music, bad television, cats, long nails, and dismantling the patriarchy.

One 1/2 of the new Owner Team (with best friend D’Anna) at the Rouge Nail Studio, Harper couldn’t be more excited to treat you to a fabulous nail service.