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No Scrubs (Basic Pedicure) ~ $60

You don't want no scrubs because with this pedicure we will start with a quick health assessment and ease

you into a warm foot bath, to soak.  Then we'll move on to nail shaping, cuticle care and heel buffing for those

rough areas,. An individualized pressure relieving massage with our house-made body butter and the prettiest


nail lacquer of your choosing will finish off your service. 

So Fetch (Deluxe Pedicure) - $70

Stop trying to make fetch happen and treat yourself to a Warm foot bath using relaxing pink soak, a quick


health assessment, nail shaping, cuticle care, and heel buffing. Then we will move onto a luxurious pink salt


scrub, a set of hot towels, a pressure-relieving massage with our house-made body butter, finished off with


your choice of a like, REALLY pretty nail lacquer of your choosing!

Gel Pedicure Add-On ~ $15

You can now add gel polish to any pedicure service! Gel polish will make your nails extra shiny and lost longer than traditional nail lacquer. (This add-on is ideal for clients who love gel polish, are prone to smudging their fresh polish, or for those who go longer between pedicure appointments.)

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*Options available for guests with sensitivities and allergies*

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